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Hi, y'all.

Just wondering, are any of you guys from the northwest? And how often do you play against stiff competition?

And why no love for Thurman Thomas? The Bills were definitely my favorite team in that game.
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Howdy I just joined.

I grew up on Tecmo Bowl, but just recently got in to TSB. My favorite team is the 49ers, but you can't go wrong with Tecmo Bo. Here's a blurb from Bo's wikipedia :

Jackson's legend was further cemented in a most unlikely manner - a video game. His digital counterpart in Tecmo Super Bowl for the Nintendo Entertainment System, affectionally known as "Tecmo Bo" in the hardcore TB playing circuit, is the most lethal running back in the game. Easily capable of putting up 400-500 yards per game via his incredible speed and tackle-breaking ability, "Tecmo Bo" was a player to be feared.

I am going over to a friend of mien's tonight to play Tecmo Drinky Bowl. Any of you ever played this?


worst QB? / winning with the Pats

Okay, I think we all agree that QB Eagles is the bomb, but who do you think is the worst Tecmo QB? My vote goes to Steve Grogan. Whenever I play with the Patriots, I always start Marc Wilson at QB instead.

And, for that matter, since New England's RB's are so unspectacular as well, I usually replace one of them with a WR (McMurtry, usually) and play a single-back/3-receiver offense. The receivers are respectable, the tight end (Cook) is above average, and Wilson's actually not bad running the ball when he has to--and at any rate, he's a much better passer than Grogan. That's my formula for success with the Patriots. Thoughts?